"Final Fantasy XIV" to Get PS Vita, Smartphone Support

Square Enix also looking at possible Xbox 360 version

Ever-controversial, as far as quality goes at least, Final Fantasy XIV is still receiving a ton of support from Square, and director Naoki Yoshida is looking to increase that with the revamped version. Square is considering both PlayStation Vita and smartphone support for the title, offering access to inventory and in-game purchases. 


This info comes from an interview with RPG Site, who asked Yoshida about plans for Vita. Yoshida's response:


"Yes, currently this is all post-2.0, but because we’re doing a reconstruction of our server system, in those plans, we’re going to make sure that the servers can be accessed by outside devices such as smart phones. Not just the Vita, but also smart phones, so that kind of access will be allowed. What that will open the door to is things like applications that people can used to check their inventory, or check the market and purchase things from the auctions. Those are the things we are laying for in our server foundation, so we can be ready to implement those after 2.0."


According to Yoshida, Square is also still in talks with Microsoft in regards to an Xbox 360 version, but is focused primarily on the PlayStation 3 release for now. Since Final Fantasy XIV on PS3 was already promised, Square doesn't want to further damage player trust by not staying true to that.




Those interested in the future of Square Enix's MMO should definitely give the whole interview, linked above, a read.


Via Joystiq

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