Bandai Streams "Mobile Fighter G Gundam" Anime

Fighting Mecha Show Available Online

Courtesy of Bandai's GundamInfo YouTube Channel, you can now see the Mobile Fighter G Gundam series streaming online. Check out extravagantly colorful national Gundams like Mexico's serape and sombrero clad Tequila Gundam, the windmill shaped Nether Gundam and Sweden's Sailormoon-esque Nobel Gundam in action.


In 1994, to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the franchise, Sunrise kicked off the "alternate universe" Gundam series. These still featured Gundam's fundamental conflict between Earth and its orbiting colonies, but departed from the continuity of the original Universal Century with the aim of bringing new viewers into the fold. 


The first of these alternate universes would stake out just how far the new Gundam series would take the original's implicit real robot manifesto. Rather than boxy, industrial robots deployed by armies at war, Mobile Fighter G Gundam looked to shonen martial arts tournaments for inspiration, with extravagantly colorful national Gundams fighting it out.


Episodes 1 through 10 are now streaming in English dubbed and subtitled format. 


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