VIDEO: The Making of the $130,000 Dollar "Fist of the North Star" Figure!

Comics Zenon Releases Behind the Scenes Clip

A few days ago, we were screaming, "Atatatatatata!" over the news about a 6 foot tall life-size figure of Kenshiro from the Fist of the North Star anime and manga. Keep in mind that this wasn't just any Kenshiro figure, but rather one that was studded with 500,000 individual pieces of sparkling Swarovski Crystal worth $130,000!


While this once-in-a-lifetime item is scheduled to be auctioned off in mid-November, the Comics Zenon Online Store seeks to entice would-be bidders with a new behind the scenes clip of how the figure was actually made … in a place called Atelier Gem Genie in Akihabara… with young women carefully placing sparkling jewels on Kenshiro’s bulging physique … watch and see if you can learn any tips on how to make your very own $130,000 figure!


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