VIDEO: The Importance of Video Games

Taking a closer look at this constantly growing, constantly-changing medium

Games have grown and changed so much since I first started playing them on the Atari 2600.  What was originally a very representational art has become very cinematic and direct.  I no longer have to imagine this:




as this:




because games now look like this:




But more important than visuals, games have grown in terms of story, in terms of themes, and in terms of mechanics.  A new episode of the PBS series Off Book speaks with game developers, scholars, and journalists about games as a creative medium, and what makes up this hobby of ours.



There's no question that games are art, especially with the emphasis on participation and making your own experience out of someone else's creation.  To me, games are mechanical challenges and systems to beat more than anything else--I like to win, so games are another method of competition and challenge for me.  But what are games to you?  Are games a way to experience a story?  Are they a way for you to relax and transport yourself somewhere else, like a mini vacation?  Tell us in the comments!


via Capcom Unity

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