Food and Drinks at the Madoka Magica Cafe!

Get Your Kyubey Curry October 28 in Akihabara

Hungry for more Puella Magi Madoka Magica? Good! Because from October 28 until next March, Good Smile Company will be operating a Madoka Magica Café out of the Akiba Culture Zone building in Tokyo’s Akihabara district. 



Limited-edition Madoka goods will be up for sale, and there will also be a stage for special events. While these sights are still under wraps, earlier today, Good Smile posted some images of the food and drink to be found inside.



Kyubey Almond Jelly! 500 yen ($6.50).



Kyubey Cream Stew, choice of rice or bread. 850 yen ($11.20).



Kyubey Curry! 900 yen ($11.80).



Kyoko Sakura Sweets Set, including dango, crepe, taiyaki, and (yes!) Pocky! 600 yen ($7.90).



Mami Tomoe Sweets Set, comes with tea, 600 yen ($7.90).



And, if you haven't gone into a sugar coma yet, guzzle down one of these Soul Gem Jellies!

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