Live Action "Claymore" Fan Film Seeks Support

Fans of Women With Swords Series Hope for Adaptation

Citing a petition that gathered 20,000 signatures, "Claymore Live Action Project" has launched a web presence in anticipation of a Indiegogo or Kickstarter fundraiser to support an adaptation of Norihiro Yagi's Jump Square fantasy manga. 


via the project site


If you are reading this then I assume you are at the very least familiar with the Japanese manga/anime called "Claymore" so I'm not going to explain what the story is about. For me Claymore is the best anime/manga series ever made and I was devastated when I found out that they weren't going to make a second season. I believe Claymore is an ideal candidate for live-action remake and I think its up to us fans to do something about it.

I'm starting a claymore fan community project to film a live-action remake of the first episode of claymore. We will raise funds for the project via or (check these websites out, they actually work).There are thousands of claymore fans out there, we simply need to set up our campaign and funding goals, then promote the shit out of it. A couple of years ago I found an online petition with the intentions of trying to get madhouse to make a second season of claymore. Over 20,000 people signed the petition so the people definitely want to see more of claymore.

What I need now are part-time volunteers (as many as I can get) that are interested in helping me get this project up and running. At the moment I'm also looking for 5+ full-time partners, that are willing to dedicate themselves to this project. Any kind of help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. This is your chance to be part of something potentially epic, no claymore fan should want to miss out.

Thats about it for my first post, please sign up and show your support. I know my English is not the best, I will get a good writer a.s.a.p. to do all future blog posts. Oh and just so there are no misunderstandings: I am not looking to make a profit in any way, this will strictly be a fan film.


Madhouse produced a 2007 anime adaptation that ultimately diverged from the ongoing manga series.


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