Live-Action US "Death Note" Still in Development

Writer Shane Black mentions difficulties with studio and story's content

With Akira's live-action Hollywood adaptation on the way,  it's almost like everybody forgot about the Hollywood adaptation of Death Note, figuring it had just been in development hell this whole time.  According to director Shane Black (writer of Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), that's not all that far from the truth.


"Lose the Demon, we don’t want the kid to be evil… they just kept qualifying it until it ceased to exist," Black said during a panel at Long Beach Comic-Con.  Black assured his audience that both (very important) story elements are back in the script and everything is going just as planned, mentioning that "the creation of a villain" and Light's "downward spiral" is integral to the story.


With Shane Black currently at work on Iron Man 3, it sounds like it'll be some time before the US Death Note enters production.  I'm looking forward to this--The Last Boy Scout and The Long Kiss Goodnight are to me two of the best action movies ever made, and I think Shane Black is one of the few action filmmakers who can tackle Death Note's ratcheting tension and psychological torture.  What about you?



via Comic Book Resources, ANN

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