Staff Round-Table Sheds Some Light on Symphogear

Senhime Zesshō Symphogear details in Megami Magazine

Noriyasu Agematsu and Akifumi Kaneko's Senhime Zesshō Symphogear (something like Battle Princess Song Symphogear) was announced earlier this month, and details about the fighting vocal unit anime have been trickling out ever since. The December issue of Megami Magazine features a round-table discussion with some of the staff. Highlights as follow:


-The plot concept is girls who transform to fight via possession by the spirits (Beings? It's unclear what exactly...) they summon with their songs. 


-Originally the story was too long for 13 episodes so they had to rewrite it; that was accomplished in just one week.


-Inspirations include Haruhi, Macross F, K-On!


-The theme of the show is friendship and the bonds between girls, but you can also expect some fan service and sex appeal.


-The writers are novices, but they don't want to be given a break or use that as an excuse.


Senhime Zesshō Symphogear is set to begin airing this January in Japan.


via Otakomu

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