Tiger & Bunny Jack-o'-lanterns!

Super fan recreates the entire Hero team out of pumpkins!

Massachusetts-based super fan Prairie Rose Clayton has been making anime Jack-o'-lanterns since she got her first Pumpkin Masters saw way back in 1997. This year, she’s continuing the tradition with an awesome series of pumpkin’ heads based on the characters who populate the Tiger & Bunny universe.


Says Prairie of her creations, “This year, I went with Tiger and Bunny, as I've been enjoying it like everyone else. I had to run out yesterday and get two extra pumpkins so that I'd have enough to do the entire Hero team. I'm very happy with how they turned out; the character designs worked amazingly well for pumpkin templates. I freehand the templates, though I lightly trace the outline from the source images just to get the proportions correct.”


Kotetsu T. Kaburagi


Barnaby Brooks Jr.


Karina Lyle as Blue Rose 


Keith Goodman


Nathan Seymour as Fire 


Pao-Lin Huang


Antonio Lopez


Ivan Karelin


You can view Prairie’s photo archive of her anime-themed pumpkins here.

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