"Fate/EXTRA" Hits the PSP Today

Battle With Saber, Archer or Caster on Your PSP

Type-Moon's modern-era set Fate fantasy franchise hits North American PSP today with Fate/EXTRA.  In this game, you select a male or female protagonist to team with the servent Saber, Archer or Caster, who are given newly designed looks for the game. 


Battles are one-on-one, and the turns are divided into six actions. An action consists of Attack, Guard, or Break. This applies to your enemy as well. The more you fight an enemy the more you’ll learn about their attack pattern to combat them more effectively. You can also pair up with a Servant of your choice at Tsukumihara Academy as you battle it out in the Arena against other Masters in order to vie for the Holy Grail.



Fate/EXTRA launches today on PSP for $29.99 (standard edition) and $39.99 (limited edition). It is also available on PSN for only $24.99.


Prequel anime series Fate/Zero is running this season.


via PlayStation.blog

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