"Mass Effect 3" is The One That Matters, According to BioWare

Warning to the sports-allergic: here there be football references

Most of the talk revolving around Mass Effect 3 has been about its much-debated multiplayer mode, which we now know is a Horde-style four-against-the-world affair.  Of course, Mass Effect is best known for its excellent single-player campaign, where you and your Commander Shepard--whoever he or she may be--face down the nightmarish Reapers and their brainwashed cronies.


But what about the gamers on PS3 who started their galaxy-spanning adventure right in the middle of it all in Mass Effect 2?  What about the people who have never played one of these games before and have decided to start with the third game?  BioWare's thought about them, too.  From BioWare general manager Aaran Flynn:


"We want to make sure that if someone is new to the franchise they feel very comfortable playing Mass Effect 3.  Certainly it's a very polished experience. In the story it starts at a time with a very singular focus and purpose in the galaxy.  You could say the previous games were just a preamble to this moment.  Everything has been building to this.  It's like the Super Bowl.  Who cares what happened in the regular season?  Now's the one that matters.


Fans want a definitive end.  They'll be the judge of that ultimately when they play it and see how we do that.  Certainly, what this game absolutely does represent is the culmination of almost a decade's worth of work for the studio and for [Director] Casey [Hudson] and his team in terms of exactly what we're trying to do with the game we kicked off almost ten years ago.  They're working really hard to make it a real proper conclusion, something that's fitting to what they've worked on for so long, and what the fans are telling us they're dying to see.

It feels good for them. They're excited about the story they're going to tell and what's going to happen in the game. They've got lots of surprises up their sleeve and stuff they've been holding onto for a while."

Well that tells me what kind of football fan he is--although honestly my team hasn't been to the Super Bowl since 1994.  In a way, I'm glad that BioWare is doing something like this--longtime fans get a definitive ending to the 60-100 hours they've invested over Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, and newcomers can pick up a single, solid roleplaying experience in the third game--and possibly decide to check out the older titles as well.


Anyone else looking forward to that big, impressive conclusion?



via IGN, Eurogamer

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