Marvel Comics Announces Day-and-Date Digital Releases

The House of Ideas steps into what looks more and more like the future of comics distribution

With DC releasing its "New 52" relaunch digitally, and Shonen Jump going digital, it looks like digital comics are in, as opposed to printed comics going out.  Marvel is following suit in an announcement earlier today, saying that by March of next year, all core Marvel books will be available digitally on the same day that printed issues hit newsstands.  The only books that will remain print-only are licensed books like movie tie-ins or Stephen King's The Stand series, or anything from the mature-readers MAX imprint.


While Marvel was the first comic company to go day-and-date digital with its Ultimate Universe line, they've kind of fallen behind, especially with the resurgence in popularity to their core line thanks to its successful comic-to-movie adaptations.  Surprisingly, signs point to digital comic sales actually driving sales of physical media in bookstores and comic book shops, showing that digital publishing is actually a big help to the industry.


With this move, Marvel is trying to implement a promotion that every physical comic you buy will come with a code to get a free digital copy of the same comic, which will start with November's issue of Avenging Spider-Man, the new series by Zeb Wells (Robot Chicken) and Joe Madureira (Darksiders) that sounds equal parts hilarious and awesome.


I like the idea of being able to pick up a new comic for an eReader and decide whether I like it before investing shelf space in buying the actual series.  What about you?



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