New "Alan Wake" is XBox Live Arcade Exclusive

Face your fears once again as the beleaguered mystery writer

Alan Wake was one of my favorite games of 2010. While it was short (about 6-8 hours long if you were taking your time), it was very well-made and told its compact, terrifying story better than some 40+ hour RPGs. Thriller novelist Alan Wake's wife is kidnapped in scenic-yet-terrifying Bright Falls, WA, and the only way to get her back is to plunge headlong into the darkness that's consuming the once-idyllic town.


We've heard rumors of big news coming regarding Alan Wake and "Lightning Bolt Action" semi-sequel Metal Gear Solid Rising for Monday's Spike VGA awards show, but the first details come from Major Nelson himself, stating that the new Alan Wake title will be its own game and released exclusively over XBox Live--you won't need the original to enjoy this one.


I'm fine with that. An actual episodic game works well for me (like the Penny Arcade RPGs) and if this gives Remedy time to put out a solid product while we also wait for Max Payne 3, then everybody wins. What about you? Who's ready to dive back into Bright Falls (or wherever Alan may go this time) and light up some demons' lives?



via @majornelson, Siliconera

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