XSEED Games Dates "Corpse Party" for November 22

Old-school-styled PSP horror nails a firm release date

XSEED Games most recently showed off the Halloween trailer for its upcoming localization of Corpse Party for PSP, but even then it was saddled with a vague November release. Now it's been locked down for November 22, so hold onto your butts.


Originally developed in Japan by Team GrisGris, Corpse Party was adapted for PSP by 5pb. The story follows a group of high school students trapped in the madness of Heavenly Host Elementary, where brutal murders took place decades prior. Each chapter has one true ending, and as a result there are many horrifying "wrong ends" to discover as you try to escape.




When the Corpse Party is thrown on November 22, you'll be able to grab it from the PlayStation Store as a PSP download. Who's brave enough to check this 2D freakshow out?

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