VIDEO: Inside Gunpla Expo World Tour Japan 2011 With Mantan TV

Mainichi Shimbun Digital's video squad gives viewers a first-person tour of the Gundam model expo

Gundam fans flock to Akihabara this weekend for a three-day expo showing off Gundam model kits old and new. In fact, contributor Mikikazu Komatsu is there and already has shared some great close-ups of the new AGE kits. For those of you who want to pop on some headphones and sink right into the atmosphere of Gunpla Expo World Tour Japan 2011, the Mainichi Shimbun Digital's video team has compiled a couple videos (so far?) of the sites to be seen. Count this as a nearly immersive experience given the complete lack of commentary or host presence.


Part 1:



Part 2:



Which kits are sending the most thrills down your spine? 

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