VIDEO: Meet Tokyo Girls Style, Japan's 8-Bit Music Idols

Electropop in the mold of Perfume and Vocaloid

Tokyo Girls Style (AKA Tokyo Jyoshi-ryu) is a new idol unit created by the dance-friendly Avex music label in 2010. One of their recent songs, kodou no himitsu has been given an cool old-school video game makeover by 8-bit music unit YMCK. Fans of Japanese electropop from Perfume to Hatsune Miku will probably enjoy the clip below.


Kodou no Himitsu ("Secret of the Beat") YMCK Remix


Below is the original version of the kodou no himitsu song and video. While we’ve all seen plenty of idol acts in recent years, such as AKB48 and the like, Tokyo Girls Style sticks out partially because of their visual presentation. While other idol units emphasize the individual personalities of the members, TGS goes for a more uniform look with matching hairstyles and clothing...


 Kodou no Himitsu ("Secret of the Beat") Original Version


While Tokyo Girls Style hasn’t had a breakthrough hit song yet, I suspect they could be due for one soon. Especially since Avex seems interested in promoting TGS across Asia and on the net using the 8bit sound that has been on the cutting egde of the Japanese music scene since the early 2000s.  


I’m not really an idol music fan, per se (my taste veers mostly towards UK rock) but hey, a catchy song is a catchy song, and I’m curious to see how Tokyo Girls Style will use new media to promote themselves using YouTube videos, USTREAM channels, and the like. They’ve even got an English Twitter account up and running.


For those of you who are also intrigued, here’s another set of collaborations between TGS and YMCK. 


Onnagi Kimochi ("Same Feeling") YMCK remix



Onnagi Kimochi ("Same Feeling") Original Version 

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