Cave Interactive's New Teaser Site - 11.11.11

A fancy date for a fancy announcement, one would hope!

Update via Hachima Kikou: 2ch commenters note that the 1s look just like point bars for Mahjong. Check this pic from Wikipedia:



It's kind of hard to imagine why they would use this imagery if the game didn't have to do with Mahjong, but what do you make of it? Let us know in the comments. 


Cave Interactive put up a new teaser site at Silhouettes with shadows, and a date: 11/11/11:



At least we don't have long to wait! Cave is still most well-known for shoot'em-ups, but their new adventure game, Instant Brain, is due out in Japan for Xbox 360 on November 10th—the day before this reveal takes place. 


via Andriasang

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