"Fractale" Director Yutaka Yamamoto Teases New Story on Twitter

Yamakan Teases New Story After Lukewarm Reception to Previous Project

Yutaka Yamamoto, also known as Yamakan, is one of the most polarizing figures in anime at the moment. Known for his brash attitude and even more extreme opinions about the current state of anime, the director of the Fractale anime and Kannagi has taken to his Twitter account to tease that he has a new story completed.


Based on previous statements, he has expressed a desire to create a new project based around the March 11th earthquake. Whether this is the project in question remains to be seen, as he is currently not listed as staff in any current or forthcoming productions, though it's been heavily rumored that he directed the first opening animation for Shakugan no Shana III, which has yet to be confirmed one way or the other.


Does the prospect of a new project from Yamakan leave you intrigued, or did Fractale leave enough of a bad taste in your mouth as it did in mine to wish he took his own advice and leave anime for good?


via Yaraon

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