From Software Developing "Gundam Unicorn" PS3 Game

Title to be based on the anime's first three episodes

A bit of information has trickled out of Famitsu regarding Namco Bandai's next Gundam game. In collaboration with developer From Software (Armored Core, Dark Souls), the title will be based on the Gundam Unicorn anime.


Specifically, it will focus on the first three episodes of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, and will have chapters for the Banagher Links, Marida Cruz and Full Frontal characters. According to Famitsu, players should expect gameplay systems suitable for a simple control scheme, similar to the Another Century's Episode series. Also, downloadable content (naturally).


Namco Bandai is aiming for a Spring 2012 release on PlayStation 3 in Japan.


Via Andriasang

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