Production IG Releases "Guilty Crown" "Wallpaper Clock" App for iPhone

iPhone App Lets You Cycle Through Guilty Crown Artwork with a Digital Clock Built In

Production IG is no stranger to iPhone apps, having released a whole slate of various Ghost in the Shell related apps in recent months.


The latest app available from the studio is for the current noitaminA series in Guilty Crown. The Guilty Crown WallpapersClock, as its known consists of a dedicated digital clock with date and alarm functionality along with a selection of wallpaper images sized for the iPhone.


The app* itself is free, so how many of you with iPhones would be interested in trying it out?


via Production IG's Twitter

*Update: Several commenters have pointed out that the app is region locked to Japanese iTunes Store accounts and Japanese iPhones, making the app one of those few that can't be used on US/Eurpean versions. Pretty lame if you ask me.

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