Celebrate Next Valentine's Day with a Tiger and Bunny Cake

Bandai's Offering Premium Valentine's Day Cake for Delivery Next February.

Bandai's Premium Bandai division in Japan is taking pre-orders for next year's Valentine's Day with the latest cake featuring a Tiger & Bunny theme, which is perfect for the fujoshi crowd that makes up the majority of the series fanbase. The triple layer chocolate cake is available for pre-order at ¥4200 yen before tax . The cakes are a part of the Bandai Food Network series of special promotional products.


Tiger & Bunny Valentines Cake


T&B Cake Topper


The cakes will be delivered by or before Valentine's Day during February and an additional collectible cake topper can be added to the order for an additional fee. Now, what strikes me is that they make food available for pre-order in Japan. If Bandai had something like this in place in the US and/or Europe, would you take advantage of it?

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