Evangelion Store Debuts New Rei and Asuka Body Pillows

Sadly I can't make jokes about these because they're rather tame

A body pillow is a classy addition to any anime fan's home, just not one that most people bring out when the family's over for Thanksgiving.  While there are countless pillow designs for countless characters, it looks like the Evangelion Store has debuted two new "official" pillows featuring main character pilots Rei and Asuka.


While I was loading my sarcasm gun with every joke possible about 14-year-old girls and people probably wanting to take a seat, it turns out that these body pillows are much tamer than I would expect, probably because they're official products.  Also, the backside of each pillow has a cool silhouette design featuring each pilot's respective Evangelion Unit.


Each pillow comes in at 9800 yen (about $126.29), so it's a pricey collectible, but it looks to be fairly high-quality.  Are you going to be picking one (or both) of these up?  Would a Misato (or Gendo!) body pillow be more your style?



via @EvaGeeks

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