VIDEO: "Abobo's Big Adventure" Flash Game Trailer

Double Dragon enemy goes on a violent, genre-spanning romp!

It almost seems like something the Dorkly guys would release; a video-only promise of fun things we'll never get to experience. That's not the case with Abobo's Big Adventure, though! Check out the madness of I-Mockery's upcoming free flash game below.



We've got Kung Fu, Super Mario Bros., Zelda, TMNT and more, all in the form of NES-tastic worlds through which Abobo must traverse and crush his enemies. Don't remember Abobo? He was one of the most THE MOST popular enemy of the Double Dragon series, and his legacy looks like it's being suitably honored here.




Abobo's Big Adventure is due out before the end of the year. The best part? It's free to play! You can check the game's facebook page for more updates down the line, but color me excited.


Via Destructoid

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