Omamori Himari, Ninomiya-kun, Maburaho Blu-ray Boxes Announced

Kadokawa holds a New Year's Blu-ray Relay for a busty New Year

As it was foretold that Omamori Himari was getting an announcement, the masked Kadokawa producer announced over twitter that for the new year, Omamori Himari, Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun, and Maburaho would be getting the blu-ray box treatment. Kadokawa will be releasing the three box sets in successive months in what they are calling a blu-ray relay race.


Beginning on January 27th, Omamori Himari will be released in the "Omamori Hiimari Blu-ray Bi-MaiBi- Box" for 27000 yen. The blu-ray will use the home video version of the HD master that had been originally produced, but was never released since the series was only on DVD. This blu-ray box set will also include some extra promotion videos and trailers which were not included on the DVDs, as well as the "Art Works Collection" which came with the DVDs.


Continuing on February 24th, Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun! will be released in the "Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun Blu-ray Motto Succubus Box" for 27000 yen. And lastly Maburaho will be released in the "Maburaho Blu-ray Koi no Mahou Box" on March 30th for 39000 yen. Both will include the respective art collections which was included with the DVDs.


via Omamori Himari Official Site

Image ©的良みらん/富士見書房/おまひま製作委員会

Thanks to Hawkeye117 for tipping us off to the site finally being up.

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