Gundam Unicorn Volume 5 "The Black Unicorn" Ships Next May

Fifth volume of Gundam Unicorn to Ship in Four Months

The saga of Gundam Unicorn keeps going as not long after the release of the fourth episode last week, the fifth episode titled "Black Unicorn" was confirmed for a May release, following news of next year's PS3 game as well as the recent campaigns for the fourth episode, such as a new YouTube channel, PSN Home streaming of previous episodes and even a short-term theatrical screening at select theaters.


Gundam UC 5


Closer to the US and other markets, the 4th volume in the series will be made available next month on Blu-Ray and PSN, with a further release planned for Microsoft's revamped Zune Marketplace. If you're following Gundam Unicorn, what do you think about it up to this point?


via Yaraon!

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