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UPDATED: New Cast Costume Photos from Live-Action "Ranma ½"

Genma in Panda form, an original villain, and a Takahashi-drawn poster!

UPDATED: Now with larger pics from Comic Natalie.


Everyone was pretty stoked when we got a good look at the cast of the upcoming Ranma ½ TV adaptation in costume, so here are a couple more for you, courtesy of Mantan Web. Get a look below at Genma Saotome in Panda form, an original villain made for the NTV special, and a poster drawn by mangaka Rumiko Takahashi herself!


First, the poster: 



An original villain just for the special:



And finally... Genma Saotome's Panda form revealed!



The special will air in Japan on December 9. Are you relieved to see the panda at last?



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