Next Generation of Game Consoles to Arrive in 2012?

Game developers currently working with next Xbox dev kits

It may be a while before we find out what's next for Sony and Microsoft—we already know plenty about Nintendo's Wii U—but it looks like the successors may come sooner than many thought, with signs pointing to the Xbox 360 successor hitting in late 2012.


According to Edge, Ubisoft Montreal is working on "target boxes" based on the intended specifications of the successor to Microsoft's Xbox 360. The first actual development kits, running custom hardware, are expected to reach studios before Christmas.


In addition to studios like Ubisoft and EA being in possession of Microsoft's target boxes, one major Sony-owned studio appears to have ceased PlayStation 3 development, shifting focus to Sony's next console. Edge says the unnamed studio was also involved in the development of the new system's graphics technology.


What do you think? Are you going to be ready to move on to "the next generation" by late 2012? I hope the future looks something like this!



Via Destructoid

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