VIDEO: "Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle" Opening Movie

Gear up for battle with the intro movie to the upcoming PS3 brawler

The original Saint Seiya never really caught on in the US, but Seiya and company's armor-shattering, logic-punching adventures still stand as some of the most fun and memorable in shounen anime, and definitely worth checking out--especially its most recent incarnation, which decided to actually make sense for a change.


Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle is an upcoming brawler that seems to be in the vein of the Musou series--we've talked about it before--and now its opening movie is available online to fill some of you with sweet, sweet nostalgia.

Fine, fine, I admit it, I was singing along with Pegasus Fantasy.  Any fans of those poor, hopelessly outmatched Bronze Saints planning on importing this, or praying for a local release?  Europe gets the PS3 exclusive in February of 2012, but so far the US is (understandably) out in the cold.



via Siliconera

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