"Un-Go" Anime Relationship Grids Available in English

Fuji TV Posts Officially Translated Character Relationship Grids on English Site

Say you're watching Un-Go on Crunchyroll and you want to figure out how each character relates to one another during the course of each case. Normally, you'd have to wait until some enterprising Japanese blogger with too much time and caffeine on his hands unravels the character relationships and makes a sloppy chart, or the studio decides to throw viewers a bone and makes the charts available, but only in Japanese.


Fuji TV, being the generous, benevolent broadcasters they are with the noitaminA block, have dedcided to take it upon themselves to not only provide the character relationship charts for the series, but they've also taken the extra steps to break them down per episode and make them officially available in English.


Un-Go Episode 1 Character Grid


Yes, you read that right. No longer will you have to depend on rough translations of Japanese charts to get a bead on what's going on and the charts make it even easier to follow along with the story. Here's hoping other companies get on the ball and follow Fuji TV's lead in such things.


via Tom Langston (@calaggie) on Twitter

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