Screens Show Persona 3's Mitsuru and Akihiko in "Persona 4" Fighter

"The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena" just got a little more dangerous

Last week we mentioned the addition of Persona 3's Akihiko Sanada and Mitsuru Kirijo to the upcoming fighter, Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, and now we have pics of them both in action.


Each are looking decidedly tougher here, appropriate since they'll be throwing down in some gorgeous looking 2D animated brawls.




Akihiko can call out Caesar, or just go to town on his opponents with his knife and fists. Mitsuru can summon the ice-attacking Artemisia, or brandish that menacing rapier on whomever gets in her way. En garde! 



The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena should hit Japanese arcades in spring 2012, with a summer release on consoles to follow.


Via Siliconera 

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