VIDEO: Live Action "Arakawa Under the Bridge" Movie Trailer

Movie Scheduled for Spring 2012 Release

Hikaru Nakamura's Saint Young Men manga, about Jesus and Buddha living as roommates in modern Tokyo, is a constant fixture on the license wish list of manga bloggers, but it's Nakamura's Arakawa Under the Bridge that's been adapted into two seasons of anime (released in North America by NIS), a TV drama, and now...a movie scheduled for Spring 2012.


The absurdist comedy follows Kou Ichinomiya aka Riku or "Recruit" (Kento Hayashi ) a young business executive with the deeply ingrained conviction never to be indebted. After being rescued in a way by the self proclaimed Venusian young woman Nino (Mirei Kiritani), he endeavors to repay her by taking up residence in a society of weirdos living under a bridge down by the Arakawa River.


Cinema Today has posted the trailer.


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