VIDEO: Vocaloid Akikoroid Sings & Dances for Lawson's Fried Chicken

Music: Yasuharu Konishi of Pizzicato Five, Lyrics: Crowd-Sourced

In one of the most mind boggling promotions in recent memory, convenience store Lawson asked the Internet to submit lyrics for a new song designed to celebrate 25 years of the chain’s finger-lickin’ good fried chicken (or “karaage” as it is called in Japan). The crowd-sourced submissions were then fed into the Vocaloid3 software for Akikoroid-chan to sing.


The resulting "live" concert video for “Karaage-kun’s Song” is below and features music by Yasuharu Konishi, formerly of legendary “Shibuya-kei” act Pizzicato Five. The track is filled with trademark drum fills and zany production tricks familiar to P5 fans everywhere. See if it doesn’t have you dancing the funky chicken before too long…



Sample lyrics:


If you're a little hungry, they'll come to mind, our bite-sized friends.

If you eat them, see? You to will be smiling brightly and feelin' good.


Karaage-kun hey Karaage-kun

I want to see you right now Karaage-kun

I'm happy when you're freshly fried 

I love you, Karaage-kun Lawson
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