"Bayonetta" Character Designer to Provide Costumes for "SoulCalibur V"

So far, not a single person with an outfit made entirely of their own hair... yet

SoulCalibur has one of the weirder senses of design among the big fighting games.  From Raphael's goofy masks to Setsuka's hilarious Mary Poppins alt in SC4 to Mitsurugi slowly losing pieces of his armor, it seemed only natural for one of gaming's most original character designers to take a turn on The Stage of History.


Mari Shimazaki, character designer for Sega and Platinum Games' infamous action hero Bayonetta, will be providing unique costume designs for Tira (alt), Ivy (alt), and newcomer Leixia (primary).  Unfortunately, Bayonetta herself won't be in the game despite the wishes of SoulCalibur V producer Hisaharu Tago, who said: "The Soul Calibur series has a lot of very beautiful women, so Bayonetta was of course considered.  However, Bayonetta not only uses a weapon but also special magical attacks that were beyond the project's limit at the time of selecting, so this time she was taken off of the list."






Pretty cool!  Shimazaki herself had a little to say about Platinum's angel-slaying witch in the Soul series: "I think having characters of various colors in Soul Calibur is the charm of the series.  I think Bayonetta would fit well too, so I personally would like to see it -- fighting scenes between Ivy and Bayonetta would be very interesting to watch."


Right... "interesting."  That's a horrendous understatement.  What do you think?  Any other character designers or artists you'd like to see in the newest SoulCalibur game?



via 1UP

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