Makoto Shinkai's "Hoshi o Ou Kodomo" Anime Licensed in North America

Canadian Screening for Shinkai's Latest Canceled Due to Last-Minute License

The latest feature film by acclaimed director Makoto Shinkai in Hoshi o Kodomo (Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below) has been licensed by a yet unnamed North American licensor, following the cancellation of its planned screening at the Waterloo Festival of Animated Cinema yesterday in Ontario, Canada.


 Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below

The confirmation of the license came as part of the announcement confirming the screening cancellation to the attendees, with no further information given on which company obtained the license.


Comix Wave Films holds the international distribution rights for the film and was actively shopping the film to North American distributors since its first North American screening, held during the Otakon anime convention held this past July in Baltimore, Maryland.


The news of the license came as a surprise to the attendees which expected to be able to see the film, as it would have marked the Canadian debut for the latest feature from the 5cm Per Second director.


Because the license was being negotiated all the way up to the previously scheduled screening time for the film, the confirmation meant that Comix Wave could no longer allow the screening to continue once it sold the North American rights, with the unnamed licensor choosing to pull the screening to review the contents of the film.


Speaking of 5cm Per Second, that film is distributed by Crunchyroll and can be purchased on DVD at the above link.



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