VIDEO: Hatsune Miku Sings "Iketenai Ko" Moe Sake Theme Song

About 450 of the 2000 bottle limited edition have been sold

A theme song for the moe sake brand "Iketenai Ko" (something like 'Not So Hot Girl,' in a mood rather than appearance sense) was released earlier this month by composer RitsMatt, with illustrations by teruchan, and vocals from none other than Hatsune Miku. 



The initial label featured a sad version of the mascot girl, feeling the effects of the earthquake in March, however, as the sake has been selling, she has perked up and even gotten into a festival-going mood.




The sake is available for 1850 yen (about US $24) per 500ml bottle from Oomura Sake Shop in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, but remember you still need to be old enough to drink it—that's 20 years, in Japan.



The song lyrics read something like this in English:


Don't call me a loner, or I'll get sad

I don't want to be called dark—I'm only sulking

I'll spend the day again with my bunny Ichigou

I'll tweet again today from my big brother's computer


I like to look at the sea, but I hate big waves

My bunny Ichigou came back, but I wonder he removed the stains and got cleaned up

I wonder where my other slipper went


When it gets to be midnight, I get sleepy

"desu wa" is something only adults say

I'll make my evening tweets more cheerful

I'll respond to greetings

I'm not a bot!!

Let's be friends from now on!


I like to talk, but I don't like dirty talk

Thanks to the net, I made a few friends

So I guess I'm kinda cheered up by that?

Do you maybe understand how I feel, a little bit?


When it gets to be midnight, I get sleepy

"desu wa" is something only adults say

My mini skirt is light and fluffy

My blue pig-tailed hair

I'm that girl who's not doing so well

Let's be friends from now on

run run run run run run

ra ra ra ra ra

run run run run ra ra

Is it going ok?

via NetLab

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