Genshiken Volume 11 to Bundle Hato-kun Sleeping Figure

The newest Genshiken member and cross-dressing boy (Otoko no Ko)

The official site of Kaiyodo, one of the most successful figure company in Japan, confirmed that both the limited edition of the 11th volume of Shimoku Kio's otaku-comedy manga Genshiken and the February 2012 issue of Kodansha's monthly manga anthology Afternoon will bundle a figure of the male cross-dressing character Hato-kun (Kenjiro Hato). The 11th volume's Hato-kun is sleeping posture and the Afternoon's is standing posture.


The 11th volume is actually the second volume of "Genshiken Nidaime", the second series started in October 2010. Hato-kun is what we called a "Otoko no Ko (男の娘)" character who joins the new Genshiken series. The 11th volume of Genshiken will be released on December 22 and the February 2012 issue on December 24. It means you can get two special gifts for this holiday season!


Hato-kun sleeping posture figure


Hato-kun standing posture figure


Source: Ota-Suke

© Shimoku Kio/Afternoon, Kodansha

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