VIDEO: "Serious Sam 3: BFE" Launch Trailer Shows Not All Shooters are the Same

Some are able to be lots of fun without making a political statement

Now before I get jumped in a dark alley by a strange and unexpected union of Modern Warfare and Battlefield fans, I do find those games to be very fun.  It's a blast getting together with people and headshotting each other, at least until some idiot locks himself away at the top of Rust and somehow gets a Tactical Nuke. 


But in a year full of great releases in other genres and ruthlessly competing shooters, my favorite shooter of the year has been the underappreciated Bulletstorm, a game that reminded me why I started playing shooters in the first place for its insane, truly over-the-top feel and action-movie dialogue.  It delivered an intense shooter without making a half-hearted political statement.


Croteam and Devolver Digital remember those days and channel Bulletstorm's feel in Serious Sam 3: BFE, which launches today with this amazing trailer.  It's the third full title in a series that can rightfully be called "Duke Nukem Forever actually done well."

So while you can go back to throwing back grenades and crashing helicopters, can you really say no to mowing down a small army of aliens with an old-timey cannon?  Serious Sam 3: BFE is available now on Steam--who else is gonna be picking this up today?



via Destructoid

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