VIDEO: "Silent Hill 2" Gets Original Voice Options for HD Collection

Wow... you were almost a James Sandwich. Wait, wrong game, sorry

Silent Hill's voice acting isn't quite as, er... memorable as Resident Evil's, mainly because it was neither terrible nor amazing and just worked on a basic level.  Of course, somehow Konami managed to find some actual bad voice actors for the Silent Hill HD Collection's re-dubs of Silent Hill 2 and 3.  Sadly, no word yet about an HD version of Silent Hill 4: The Room, one of my favorites.

Eugh.  I don't even know what to say about that, and I have a pithy comment for everything.  Thankfully, in a recent Facebook post, Konami has confirmed that the original voice acting will be available for the terrifying Silent Hill 2, now prettied up for your HDTV.  Unfortunately, the equally-good Silent Hill 3 still has the new voice actors.


I dunno, maybe they'll grow on us.  What do you think?



via Destructoid (1)(2)

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