VIDEO: Spike's VGA Ad Teases Next BioWare Game

Expect to, um, blow things up and stuff

Remember when we were shown a single teaser image hinting at the next game from BioWare (Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic)? An ad for Spike's 2011 Video Game Awards goes a small step further to tease the title. Check out the video below.


The Next Game From BioWare
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The teaser promises "a new direction, a new game, from a new BioWare studio," which is pretty evident even from that quick, more grounded snippet of things blowing up. We should get the full scoop when Spike airs the VGA event on December 10.


It's tough to tell, but it looks even more "real world" than the teaser image. Is this going to be a war game? If so, does that disappoint you coming from BioWare?


Via Joystiq

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