Up Close and Personal with Evangelion and K-On! Christmas Cakes

Grab Your Progressive Knife and Carve Into Some Holiday Goodies

In September, LAWSON, the second biggest convenience store chain in Japan, started accepting pre-orders for Christmas cakes featuring K-ON!! and Evangelion, both accompanied by figures of the popular anime. Thanks to Gigazine, we can now the see what these holiday goodies really look like. Prepare to have your jealousy stoked, or maybe muted. 


You have two choices for the "K-ON!!" Christmas cakes. One is a ¥3,980 (about US$51.97) cake with a special Santa Claus costumed Yui Hirasawa figure. Another is a ¥4,500 (US$58.76) cake with mini mascots of the five characters.




The 4,500 yen (US$58.76) Evangelion cake is shaped like the core of the “Angels" (Shito). This is the second Evangelion Christmas cake sold at LAWSON. Last year's cake was with a figure of Ayanami Rei holding the ”Spear of Longinus.” This year, they give you a Shikinami Asuka Langley figure with the metal-made "Progressive Knife".


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