Warner Offering "Akira" Colonel Role to Ken Watanabe

Studio may have better casting than Oldman up its sleeve

Would ya look at that. Just days after Gary Oldman—who was previously reported to have been offered the role of The Colonel—spoke about his availability for Akira, Warner Bros. is apparently now offering the role to Ken Watanabe (Inception, The Last Samurai, Batman Begins).


Those who are looking for actors more suited to the original setting should be pleased about this one, and it makes sense for Warner, as well. All but two of Watanabe's American efforts have been Warner Bros. productions, and he's a Japanese actor with a proven track record in Hollywood films. 




Just like other offers, this is nothing concrete and anything could happen, but it serves as an interesting counter to the Gary Oldman choice for Colonel Shikishima. What do you think about the potential of Ken Watanabe in the live-action Akira?


Via Twitch

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