Feed Me! Tamagotchi Turns 15

New Anniversary Edition Tamagotchi iD L Released

Check to see if the batteries are still live on your virtual pet and try to remember the last time you fed it, because Tamagotchi just turned 15. Bandai's egg-shaped toys have sold some 78 million units since being introduced in November 1996. To mark this, on November 23 Bandai released a special anniversary version, "Tamagotchi iD L," priced at ¥5,040.


It hasn't been an entirely rosy history for the little fellows. Sales of Tamagotchi plummeted after its debut and sales of 40 million units, causing Bandai to post 6 billion yen in extraordinary losses in fiscal 1998. After it temporarily suspended production, Bandai released a new version called "Tamagotchi Plus" in 2004 with an infrared communication function.  Design was refreshed again in 2009 with the cellphone-integrated "Tamagotchi iD."


via Asahi Shimbun

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