New Bishoujo Label for Moe Soy Sauce Sakura Hime

Moe girls are the last hope for the Japanese economy?

Shoyu/Soy sauce is a traditional Japanese condiment, and Moe is a representative trend of the modern Japanese pop-culture. It must be a logical conclusion that someone has come up with the idea of collaboration products by the two. "Sakura Hime (Cherry Princess)" is a soy sauce brand featuring a moe girl with the same name. It is produced by Inoue Shoyu and Moekko Kikaku in Sagamihara-city, Kanagawa. They have announced the new moe label for their Sakura Hime soy sauce bottle on November 19. The price for the two bottles set of the first & second illustrations is 2,500 yen (approximately US$32.37).


The illustrator for the Sakura Hime giri is Yukiwo, the manga artist of Musashino-sen no Shimai. The manga has been running in the Flex Comix Next anthology on the Yahoo! Comic website since 2008 and its live-action adaptation movie staring by Kato Natsuki and Nakata Chisatois (AKB48) is also planned.


The new (second) illustration

The first illustration


 23 seconds CM featuring the first illustration


Source: Netlabo

© Yukiwo/

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