Anzai Tamaki, Moe Mascot Girl for Slinging Work

Moe girl in working clothes may attract young Japanese workers

Literally, Moe is everywhere in Japan today. Tamakake/Slinging is a special skill to secure and remove a cargo from the cranes with wire rope or chain. It requires a license to do the job in Japan. "Moero!! Tamakake-Damashii", a community site operated by Taiyo Seiki Iron Works for Japanese slinging workers, has hired a moe girl named "Anzai Tamaki" on a “probationary” basis.


Tamaki is 22-year-old and 148cm high. Her nicknames are "Tama-chan" and "Tamahime". She mainly works to promote the information on the safety of the slinging work. It is planed to hire her anew as regular employee in the middle of December, then the site will be updated to the new style featuring her entirely. Do you want to work with her?





Source: Sankei-Kansai

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