Team Ninja Talks "Dead or Alive 5," "Ninja Gaiden Sigma" on the Vita

Still no word on the highly-anticipated Dead or Alive Xtreme Jello Wrestling

A few days ago, Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi had a lot to say about Ryu Hayabusa and the consequences of being a dark hero in the upcoming Ninja Gaiden 3.  But he had a bit more to say about some of Team Ninja's other projects, like "fighting entertainment" showcase Dead or Alive 5, and the Vita version of fine-tuned, graphically-enhanced port Ninja Gaiden Sigma.


Hayashi mentioned that Team Ninja is bringing the play style of Ninja Gaiden 3 to the Vita port of Sigma, and breaking the game down into smaller chunks so that it works better on a portable system for on-the-go gaming.  Team Ninja is trying to incorporate the Vita's touch panels to make the most out of the game, but Hayashi mentioned that with its dual analog sticks and control interface, developing Sigma for the Vita is like developing a console title.


In the extended TGS trailer of Dead or Alive 5, we go to see a crazy duel between Hayabusa and his sorta-rival/best friend type Hayate with background interaction and a constantly shifting enviroment, as the fight starts on top a construction site, levels the construction site, and brings the battle to the streets below, with burning debris raining down on the fighters.


Hayashi explained that everything in the video was gameplay, and that Team Ninja's plan was to change the way people play fighting games.  He cited Street Fighter IV and its success and how it brought fighting games back to the forefront, but also stated how the game still plays like we've always played fighting games--two players, two life bars, fight until a life bar is depleted.


When asked about gameplay aspects, bringing Arc System Works' technical combos and SoulCalibur's more accessible, newbie-friendly structure, Hayashi said:


"Dead or Alive is different from both of those.  We’re looking for simple, but deep fighting entertainment.  We’re not looking to be a technical hardcore fighter.  We want a game that a lot of people can have fun with, but people who want that depth can find it.  When people watch the second part of the demo that will give players a sense of what we’re thinking of when we mean 'fighting entertainment.'"

I kinda figured we're not getting the second coming of Street Fighter III: Third Strike or Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution, so at least it's nice to see how up-front he's being about this--Hayashi also mentioned that since this is a numbered installment, we would definitely be seeing new characters.  What do you think?  Should DoA go for a more technical feel, or is it just right being that one game you can bring out and everybody can enjoy themselves?  I'm leaning toward the latter here.


And what about Ninja Gaiden Sigma?  The portable game I play the most is probably Contra 4, so I'm looking forward to having another insane challenge I can take with me.  Anybody planning on gracing their Vita with this hardcore challenge?



via Siliconera

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