GameStop Outs Pricing on PS Vita Memory Cards

GameStop lists pricing for PS Vita memory cards ahead of February US launch

Ahead of the launch of the US version of the hotly anticipated PS Vita next February, America's favorite video game retailer GameStop has gone ahead and listed the pricing scale for the dedicated memory cards for the portable console. 


Starting with the 4GB version, pricing for that card is set at $29.99, an 8GB card will cost $44.99, a 16GB card will cost $69.99, and a 32GB card will set you back $119.99, or a third of the cost of the console itself.


Should you decide to forgo buying the physical PS Vita card versions of games and decide to buy all of your games over PSN, the initial lineup of games will require at least the 4GB card as the initial lineup of games will range from 2-4GB of total size for each game, not including the additional space required for save files and other ancillary files.


via PocketGamer


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