Voice Actor's Credits Page Lists Role in "Resident Evil 6"

Could Capcom's next be further along than we think?

Voice actor Joe Cappalletti has a pretty extensive number of video game roles listed on his credits page, including various Cocoon inhabitants in Final Fantasy XIII and a listing for Capcom's Steel Battalion. One game listed should pique everyone's curiosity, though: Resident Evil 6.


The next proper entry in Capcom's horror franchise has been the subject of some rumors, most notoriously via the fake-out "leaked" teaser from TGS. While Capcom has yet to formally announce anything substantial regarding Resident Evil 6, hopefully this listing means we'll learn more shortly.



What are your hopes for Resident Evil 6? Continue in a more action-oriented direction like the last two, or is it time to switch things up again?


Via Siliconera

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