"Guardian Heroes" Devs Working on "Code of Princess"

Former Treasure staffers add to the 3DS title's beat 'em up cred

Ever since Code of Princess was first announced, we've been bursting with excitement for the Nintendo 3DS-exclusive brawler. As if the involvement of artist Kinu Nishimura wasn't enough, it's now been revealed that the game's staff includes former Treasure developers, which explains the title's surface similarity to Saturn classic Guardian Heroes


Han—who worked on Treasure titles such as Gunstar Heroes, Guardian Heroes and Mischief Makers—is in charge of Code of Princess' original game plan, enemy character design and motion supervision. 



Masao Ukyou (Treasure's Guardian Heroes and Sin & Punishment, 5pb. fighter Phantom Breaker) is credited with Code of Princess' game design, system programming and player character creation. 



Like Guardian Heroes, Code of Princess incorporates RPG-style level building into the beat 'em up genre. It hits Japan in spring 2012, but hopefully we'll get word of North American release plans at some point. In the meantime, though, you can always get your Guardian Heroes fix via Xbox Live Arcade.



Via Andriasang

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