"The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls" Dives into Social Gaming

Check out screens and more for Namco Bandai's Mobage idol outing

An entry in The [email protected] series was recently announced for the Mobage social gaming platform in Japan, and Namco Bandai has released details and screens for what is now known as The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls


Those familiar with the franchise won't find too many surprises in the style of play, which involves taking on the role of producer and forming a top idol unit. However, Cinderella Girls will be host to over 100 idols, mostly original with the exception of idols like Haruka, Miki and Chihaya. 



After selecting the idol type—from "Cute" (cute and princess) to "Cool" (cool and beautiful) and "Passion" (energetic and sexy)—you can build their experience and earn money through the "Work" portion. Here is where you'll also meet new idols and unlock new costumes. 





Once powered up, your roster of idols can square off against others in the "Live Battle" portion. Should you emerge victorious, your fanbase will increase and you'll even get to steal your opponent's outfits. There's also a cooperative mode that involves building and producing an idol unit with other players. Here, have a look at a bunch of potential stars!



Via Andriasang

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