First Look at "Amazing Spider-Man" Villain, The Lizard

Just not quite the way any of us expected or wanted

It's been a while since we last saw photos from The Amazing Spider-Man, the probably-too-soon re-imagining of Marvel's web-slinging menace hero.  While there's been a lot of talk going around about Rhys Ifans playing the villainous Lizard, no photos have surfaced... until now.


SURPRISE!  Okay, that's not a very good surprise, but these are just the first parts of what's sure to be an enormous marketing campaign.  It looks like they're going for a more realistic "Killer Croc" type look as opposed to having a bipedal lizard in a lab coat.


What do you think about this less-than-ideal first look?  Think it's going to turn out better than Eric Forman somehow ending up as Venom?




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